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Emily is a gifted intuitive communicator and sensitive of multiple dimensions and realms. Mediumship and Channeling is delivered in a loving way by guides, arch-angels, loved-ones,
crystals, cards, and intuitive tools.

Emily assists you in recognizing your personal intuition and gifts.
Emily believes that the better we know ourselves energetically, the more empowered we are.

Readings-  Includes Mediumship, Channelling and Intuitive Guidance. Cards, crystals, runes and other tools are used.

Mediumship- The communication between the spirit world and the physical world.

Medical Intuitive with a Chakra Reading- Energy centres within the Aura that effect the body, mind and spirit are called Chakras.  Drawing and Assessment of each area gives you insight and direction.

Chakra Balancing- Working with and moving energy within each chakra to balance, cleanse and ground.

Contact your Guides or Loved Ones- Through Mediumship Emily can find out names, ages, and more about your guide(s).  Remember to write down your questions before your reading.

Direct Channelling- Direct communication of a summoned person (spirit) whom speaks directly to you through Emily in a semi-trance state.  Please enquire if you seek this work, further assessment will be needed.

Energy Work- Protection, Cleansing and Rituals that use the 4 directions, the 5 elements, plants, animals, angels, guides and our Higher Selves.  Guided Meditation and Journey work.  Work with animal totems and guides.  Language, symbology, sound and colour may be used.

Toning- Vocal harmonics are used to activate, align and communicate to the chakra system, the DNA and the 7 dimensions.  Toning can be added to a service or alone.  Must be in person.

House Readings & Clearings- House or Property Assessment to find Spirits or Ghosts.  Cleanse the area and aid the entity(s) to leave, if necessary.  Protection ceremony and teachings to keep the area cleansed.  White Sage is often used.  Suggestions and guidance of energetic balance within the home is also incorporated.

Transformational Therapies - Sessions are personal and vary with each individual, they range from basic balancing to deep energy reconnections and cellular communication, to name a few. Multi-frequency techniques, vibration and colour are incorporated in all energy work. Soul harmonics is one of Emily's specialties, she often sings your heart song.

With the use of ancient practices and her modern approach, Emily combines the old with the new beautifully.

Your ultimate potential awaits you!

About Me

Appointments are $80 per session. Session times may vary, according to what is required.
Whether you choose a Reading, Energy Work or a mix, the price is the same.
Travel expenses may be extra.

All Appointments are based on approximate time.  Work may be done over the phone or long distance.

Readings are private and confidential.  Each appointment is an unique experience and I promise to deliver the messages intended for the highest good of the individual.  I respect all those involved and intend that the highest needs be met at all times.  Blessings

Please contact me for a free 10 minute consultation!

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