Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Watcher


Who are you?
Your mind? Your body? Your emotions?
What are you talking about when you say 'I'?  Who is 'I'?

How do you identify yourself?

Are you your name? Your occupation? Your position in society? Your age, gender, etc?

Perception is defined on google as: the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.

How we perceive determines our answers to the above questions.

What if we took a step back from BEING the perception? from BEING the mind.  We would perceive our senses and thoughts subjectively.  We can watch our emotions.  We can experience our senses.  We can let thoughts, feelings and emotions express themselves without DOING anything about it.  We are WATCHING.  We are The Watcher.

Do you recall a time when you have done this?  Have you watched yourself go through an event?  What did you do in that event?  Did you react from what you were experiencing? Did you react from your emotions or feelings that were stimulated from your event?

Try watching yourself in this way.  Are you able to identify with The Watcher within you?

When you have tried this or you know what I am talking about then continue below.  


To master 'The Watcher' one must allow the the experience to happen without judgement.  Watching, witnessing the events play out before you. also aware of the role you are playing on the grand stage of life.

Judgement is a challenging core belief that is molded by our environment, and possibly by soul lessons (past-life).  It effects many aspects of our human existence such as our safety, control, creativity and love.  To master 'The Watcher' one must overcome and heal the judgement aspect.  Find a language that works for you to accept what you perceive.  When you are witnessing a judging thought or an emotion ask yourself to be OK with it.  Allow the thought or emotion to exist without a desire to change it.  The thought or emotion is JUST INFORMATION.  

The information can be seen by 'The Watcher' and you can move on to more information that exists within the experience.  The flow of information is naturally supported to create change and demonstrate love.  When you allow the flow, you express love and acceptance to yourself and to others.  You can then access, discern and make and educated decision as to what action you'd like to take.

Your choice of action determines the outcome of the interaction.  This all happens within yourself, no matter what exists in the experience.  You can be interacting with a person, an object, an animal or just your thoughts!  Anything can ask for your attention and stimulate thoughts and feelings.

When you watch without judgement and enter into a place of choice, you exercise self-empowerment, a mature and humble way of dealing with the world around you.

Next time you feel reactive and out of control, remember WHO you are!  You are 'The Watcher'.  'The Watcher' who experiences life 'AS IT IS' and invites acceptance and love into the present moment.

Once you feel confident in your practice and mastery of this concept please read my article "Compassion"(still in draft at the moment, please check back).



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