Thursday, March 12, 2015

Evolve or Die

Are you evolving or dying?

Plants are studied closely to analyze their stressors and growth abilities.  If a plant receives stress it does not grow; it holds it's current growth status and can even decay completely before it has completed a normal and healthy plant cycle.

Humans and most of the animal kingdom are similar, the main difference being the 'types of stress'.

Stress has been a common 'creator' of disease and illness, especially in recent western medicine, where it is used as the cause of a physical problem when the doctor can't see an obvious one.  I don't believe that stress is an enemy.  Stress is a symptom telling us that whatever mechanisms, or our way of dealing with mental, emotional and physcial influences, is not working.

I remember going to a general practitioner quite awhile ago and his diagnosis was stress and his suggested treatment was to take a break.  A break from what? life?  I wasn't in a position to ignore my finances or other responsible adult-like duties to 'take a break'.  And I don't know many people who are in such a luxurious position.  The best 'break' someone can take is a mini-nap or meditation.  So why is a 'break' helpful?

Stop to listen.  Listen to the pain, the resistance, the stress.  What is pushing against you?  What is keeping you from growing?  It may be just a physical feeling.  It could be an intuitive message.  Or it could be that step back to gain a new perspective.  This 'break' is something taught in most Eastern philosophies for long life and optimal health.  Why don't us Westerners know how to live without stress?  Why don't the public schools teach our children how to breathe?  How to resolve their emotions or live without stress?

We are learning now.  We are learning that the wisdom that has been lost is valuable.  The rituals we can have in our life have a purpose to reduce stress and encourage growth.  Rituals don't have to be any big practice.  They can be a simple affirmation or the practice of mind retraining throughout the day. 

I've been meditating daily for over 6 years.  The benefits are too long to list.  It's not that I have any more 'time' in the day to spend meditating, it's that I remember to do it.  I do it when I am going to bed or if wake up before I have to get out of bed.  Since I've practiced for awhile I can drop right into the part of my psyche where the conscious and subconscious can do their work.  After taking years and a multitude of classes on meditation I've found what works for me.

Do you have a practice to 'take a break' in life?  Do you meditate?  Can you feel your mind be at peace?

If you'd like to learn some techniques that I've discovered or meditate with me, please feel free to contact me.  We can practice a stress-free life that enables us to grow... to evolve!



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